I’ve been watching the Olympics more than I have in previous years, and have really been enjoying it!  However, I found comments from one commentator to be really disturbing.  Last night, I was watching the women’s gymnastics preliminary round, and Romanian gymnast Catalina Ponor was doing a floor routine.  She did an amazing job, but after her routine, one of the commentators (I was watching this on NBC) commented something along the lines of, “Do you get points for being sexy?”  This seriously bothered me.  Here was this amazing athlete who completed an insanely difficult routine, and she was being reduced to a “sexy woman” whose body was there for ogling by Olympics commentators.  It’s hard to imagine a commentator saying something along those lines about a male athlete.  Blergh.

A lot of progress has been made in terms of Olympics gender equality this time around.  For the first time,

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